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Bernard Haber




Monica Carson, PhD

University of California Riverside

Biomedical Sciences

Bernard Haber PhD
( 1934 - 2007)


This award recognizes the leadership and outstanding contributions of Dr. Bernard Haber to the field of Neurochemistry. Bernard was tireless in his outreach efforts and in forging fruitful interactions and lasting bonds of friendship and collaboration among the world's neuroscientists.

Dr. Haber served the ASN in many other capacities, and his dedication and energy have contributed in large part to the growth and reputation of the American Society for Neurochemistry.

The recipient of the Bernard Haber Award has the opportunity to organize a symposium at the ASN Annual Meeting in the year following the award.

Past Recipients of the Bernard Haber Award

  • MAY 1, 2021

Email Materials to:
David Shine, PhD
Chair Bernard Haber Award
Baylor College of Medicine


In Memory of Dr. Bernard Haber

July 20, 1934 - July 23, 2007

Dr. Bernard Haber passed away on July 23, 2007, after a long battle with diabetes. Bernard was a member of the faculty of UTMB from 1971 until his retirement in 1999. Bernard was Editor in Chief of the Journal of Neuroscience Research and served as liaison between the American and International Societies for Neurochemistry until his health no longer allowed it. In 2005 the ASN created the Bernard Haber Award to recognize his outstanding contributions to the development and strengthening of relationships between the ASN and other neuroscience societies. He was semi-famous for his gourmet cooking and infamous for his wild and crazy parties. Bernard celebrated life and was unforgettable to those who had met him. Contributions to the Bernard Haber Award Fund may be made in his memory.

For a more complete tribute to Dr. Haber go to: Haber