ASN * American Society for Neurochemistry
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An Informal Oral History of the American Society for Neurochemistry

Organized and edited by Claude F. Baxter, ASN Historian

  1. A Very Short Introduction by Claude F. Baxter

  2. Some Thoughts about ASN's Past and Future by Bernard W. Agranoff

  3. An Anecdotal, Historic Look at ASN Founder: Jordi Folch Pi and the Award Bearing His Name by Marjorie B Lees

  4. Was the ASN a Myelin Club? by Marion E. Smith

  5. The Creation of the Basic Neurochemistry Textbook by George J. Siegel (comment by Bernard W. Agranoff)

  6. History of a Joint Venture: The Journal of Neurochemistry by Kunihiko Suzuki (comment by Lloyd A. Horrocks)

  7. Some Anecdotes about ASN Members by William T. Norton (another anecdote by Claude F. Baxter)

  8. The Evolution of the ASN Standing Rules: (1976 - 1982) by Claude F. Baxter

  9. Neurochemistry: Then and Now by John P. Blass

  10. Epilogue
    The above pieces were solicted from the partipants of a workshop held in 2000 at the 31st ASN meeting in Chicago.

  11. A short biography of Marian Kies