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Membership applications are reviewed throughout the year.

The Society has five (5) membership classes. These categories are defined by the Membership Committee on the basis of the following criteria:

Ordinary Member - $125: Investigators in the field of neurochemistry or related fields that reside in the Western Hemisphere.

Corresponding Member - $125: Investigators in the field of neurochemistry who have contributed meritorious original work to the field, but are not residents of the Western Hemisphere. All other guidelines for election to Corresponding Membership are equivalent to those for Ordinary Membership.

Post-Doctoral Member - $50

Student Member - $30:  Members who are students 

Emeritus Member - $ Dues Waived:  Members who have retired from their professional duties and who have chosen to be classified as emeritus status. Emeritus status can be obtained by notifying the ASN office of retirement, in writing, with a request for reclassification. Emeritus members shall have all the rights and privileges of the membership class from which they transferred.

New members are billed for dues after being elected to membership.

For information about the cancellation and refund policy please click here.

NEW: ASN offers membership discounts for the following low and middle income countries:
Click here to see the detailed discount percentages being offered for low to middle income economies.

Instructions for Application for Membership

Applicants may apply:

Using the online application system

1. To become a member setup your account if you do not already have an account. Once you are logged in go to 'Members area', click on "Apply Now!" and select the desired kind of membership. When you have successfully finished your membership application, your application will be sent to the Membership Committee for approval.

2. Each application must be endorsed by an Ordinary member of the Society. Applicants who, for any reason, may find it impossible to obtain a sponsorship by an Ordinary Member may send their application with a cover letter explaining why securing a sponsorship is difficult for them. In those cases, the Chair of the Membership committee will provide the required endorsement.

3. Each application requires electronic submission of a current NIH Biosketch or a curriculum vitae.

4. Post-doctoral and Student applicants must provide a proof of their status (a short letter from the adviser, an ID, or similar), which needs to be uploaded through the online application system.

5. Do not send dues. New members will be billed for dues after they are elected to membership.

ASN Membership Committee Chair:

Selva Baltan (Chair, 2017-2021