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The Center for Glial-Neuronal Interactions (CGNI): Promoting Life-long Brain Health


CGNI logoUCR’s Center for Glial-Neuronal Interactions (CGNI) is dedicated to facilitating innovative collaborations between neuro- and glial-centric researchers as well as with researchers from outside the field of neuroscience.

Membership is drawn from faculty, medical fellows, students and staff at UCR, Loma Linda University and Cal State San Bernardino.Together, CGNI members seek to define neuronal-glial interactions required for optimal brain and spinal cord function as well as for prevention and therapeutic intervention of neurodevelopmental, neurologic and neurodegenerative diseases. Members meet monthly to plan collaborations and discuss research in progress.

The center hosts an annual symposium at UCR, which welcomes a diverse array of investigators examining glial-neuronal interactions in health and disease. Each year approximately 225 registrants participate in a one day series of talks and poster sessions on the second Friday of January. Approximately half of the attendees are faculty, students and staff from UCR, with the other half from all major southern Californian research institutions including UCSD, Salk, The Scripps Research Institute, Sanford Burnham, UCI, UCLA, USC, Claremont Colleges and Keck Graduate School, Cal State Bernardino, Loma Linda University and Caltech.

In part, the large number of registrants who participate and return each year is due to an outstanding program, but also in part to the location and an engaged local community. In contrast to similarly themed conferences held at venues at the costal regions of California, Riverside is not saturated by meetings and is much more traffic accessible to individuals driving in from both inland and coastal communities from San Diego to Los Angeles.