ASN * American Society for Neurochemistry
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The American Society for Neurochemistry's Missions:

  • to advance and promote cellular and molecular neuroscience knowledge;
  • to advance, promote, support, encourage and facilitate communication among investigators in neurochemistry and related neurosciences
  • to promote, support, encourage and facilitate the dissemination of information concerning neurochemical research through scientific meetings, seminars, publications and related activities
  • to promote, support and encourage the research of individual cellular and molecular neuroscientists and to engage in any and all other activities for the advancement of the science of neurochemistry which may be deemed advisable;
  • to insure that all of its activities remain open to the full participation of scholars of all backgrounds and nationalities.

ASN Council

ASN Meetings:

Our meetings include plenary lectures, symposia, colloquia and workshops over the course of 4 days. The scientific program of our meetings are designed to address the four major themes of our Society:

  1. Building the Nervous System
  2. Glial Cell Biology
  3. Metabolism and Cell & Molecular Neurobiology
  4. Neurodegeneration and Disease.

Substantial time is allotted throughout the meeting for scientific discussions both formally and informally. Short oral presentations are selected from the submitted abstracts, along with daily poster sessions. Special efforts have been taken to encourage young investigator participation. For instance, the Society sponsors a dinner for pre-doctoral and post-doctoral students to enable them to begin to establish stronger relationships with their peers. The society also subsidizes lunches with our plenary speakers. Numerous travel awards also are available for fellows and junior faculty.

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